About Us


Welcome to Loyal Duke Lodge! For the last 19 years, Britt and Don Jackson have owned and run this property as the Salida Super 8, having become an intricate part of the Salida community. As they move on to enjoy life, it is now time for us to create the next chapter and build upon their success.

The name

the legend of loyal duke

Loyal Duke Lodge pays tribute to a beloved dog who roamed the streets of Salida in the late 1800’s after his master, a rail worker, passed away. Duke was known to be a friendly, smart and loyal dog and became a cherished town mascot and greeter, welcoming visitors with a friendly wag of his tail. When Duke passed away in 1902, he was buried on Tenderfoot Hill and the town erected a memorial for him at his grave. You can read more about the Legend of Loyal Duke by clicking on the link.

We fell in love with the story of Loyal Duke and thought it was a fitting name for us, based on his character, the wonderful hospitality he exuded and what he means to the town of Salida, CO. 


A new Chapter

new Branding and Positioning

The renovation is underway and very soon, you will see fully renovated guest rooms, a brand new lobby and lounge and new and special touches around the property.

Our intention is to create a welcoming and comfortable place for our guests and continue the hotel’s long tradition of being an integral part of the Salida community. Loyal Duke Lodge is the ideal basecamp for families, hardcore nature enthusiasts and everyone that wants to discover the unique wonders of Salida and the surrounding areas. And, of course, furry four-legged friends are always welcome.

We hope to win your loyalty by working hard to make the right things special and above all providing an experience that reflects the welcoming spirit of Salida.


Who Are We?

Imprint hospitality

We are IMPRINT Hospitality, a Denver based hotel and restaurant management company focused on the lifestyle segment of the industry. We love creating a unique story for each of our properties and then weaving it into every aspect of the operation. We believe that culture is everything and that a good guest experience has to start with a good employee experience. To find out more about us go to www.imprinthospitality.com